moss indoor

Vertical moss mats or blooming walls are a highlight and are all in one: air conditioning, sound absorber and air humidifier. Microscopically small all-rounder for the greening of vertical and horizontal surfaces in urban areas – outdoors and indoors. Even indoors this green bio filters are mood enhancers for body and soul.

Moss is a survivalist of evolution with fantastic properties. It is long-living, robust and highly adaptable.
One cubic centimetre of moss has a thirty times larger surface when unfolded. Moss does not have any roots and takes everything it needs for living directly out of the air. It follows the antistatic principle of a microfibre cloth, its little leaves remove big amounts of harmful particulate matter from the air. Additionally the green bio filter digests enormous amounts of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide and produces fresh air, i.e. oxygen.

Up to 90 % noise absorption in the voice range
Easy to care for and antistatic
No soil, no additional watering needed
Extensive smooth installation
Individual solutions „Moss made to measure“


Technical data:
Format: each size max. 100 x 100 cm, larger sizes are assembled without visible joints
Panel thickness: 0.8 – 1.9 cm
Weight per m²: 5.8 – 20 kg

The pre-grown panels are easily mounted on almost any wall. The panels can be used indoors or outdoors, in a sunny place or in a mostly shady place. Even slightly curved walls can be greened with this product. The light weight material combined with the special design ensures smooth installation and easy maintenance. 6 cm thick lichen moss mats or panels – without soil and without artificial irrigation. Up to 90 % sound absorption in the voice range. Additionally it provides for a better micro climate in rooms.