smart bikeways

Increasing visibility and safety in the dark for cyclist in the complex urban environments could be achieved with well designed and well-marked bicycle lanes. One sustainable and attractive solution could be the cycleways lighting with LEDs or glow-in-the-dark paint, Starpath. UK-based Pro-Teq Surfacing has been created this eco-friendly lighting aggregate material who absorbs and stores energy from ambient light (UV rays) during the day, and releases this energy at night, making the particles glow. A unique, zero-energy solution that transforms any resin-based surface into a light-responsive, sustainable pathway, emitting light for up to 10 hours and the particles will last a minimum of 20 years.


Glow-In-The-Dark bike path in Poland powered by the sun

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Glowing lines could be another sustainable solution for the Ring bicycle lane in the 1st District of Vienna. Glowing Lines uses luminescent paint that is charged by solar energy during the day and then glows (for up to 10 hours) when it gets dark.

Ring bicycle lane with „glow-in-the-dark“ paint
© Garis Jalan (BBC)