pedestrian infrastructure

The pedestrian infrastructure is an essential element for every city, for the citizen’s living and their quality of life. Our daily journey through urban spaces has an influence on our perception and feelings. Creative design with colours and patterns on stairs, ramps and zebra crossing should transform urban linearity, bring dynamic and a positive surprise into the urban routine and break the monotony of grey asphalt and concrete pavement in the urban structures.
The psychological purpose of these (art) projects is at first to allow pedestrians to feel more safely by crossing the street or by walking on stairs and ramps. This concept would be not only a big attraction for the citizens of Vienna and for the visitors, but it has also the potential to be an example for other settlements world wide.


The concept Farbcode #Zebra (Colour code #Zebra crossing) is intended for all pedestrians in the city. However, colourful crosswalk could be more efficient and useful near kindergartens and schools where by crossing the street children are more at risk than adults.


Way to school for primary school Pantzergasse in the 19th District of Vienna
There are several junctions on the children’s way to school where they have to pay attention to turning vehicles, trams and bicycle traffic.

Way to school source: City of Vienna | modified

Design examples with butterflies | intersection Döblingerhauptstrasse – Gatteburggasse

Images © City of Vienna | Conceptual image © GALYA


Intersection Döblingerhauptstrasse – Hardtgasse

Image © City of Vienna | Conceptual image © GALYA


Colourful design for another zebra crossing in the city with high density traffic (vehicles, trams and bicycles) | intersection Hernalser Gürtel – Jörgerstraße in the 17th District of Vienna.

Image © City of Vienna | Conceptual image © GALYA
Image © City of Vienna | Conceptual image © GALYA




Step up. is a concept for colourful stairs and ramps.

Design example: stairs of the Public Library Urban-Loritz-Platz (Buecherei Wien), 7th District of Vienna

Image © futurezone
Image © futurezone | Conceptual image © GALYA


Design example: ramp Thurnstiege, 9th District of Vienna

Image © botanische-spaziergaenge
Image © botanische-spaziergaenge | Conceptual image © GALYA



Design example bus stop lane at the Billrothstraße (19th District)

Image © mapio, Jaroslava Hašková
Conceptual image © GALYA