urban garden AUhof

Project: The AUhof inner court is located close to Yppenplatz in the 16th district of Vienna, Ottakring. The inner court belongs to a residential building and is also used as a backyard from the gallery and Off-Space AU. Its owners found there at the beginning only bulky waste but they had a vision of a green outdoor space. A team came together and after negotiation with householder and tenants, in 2014 we begun with the construction site and planting of AUhof.
Upcycling and the common use were the core themes of this project. From different construction sites, carpenters and markets, we’ve collected discarded materials such as: wooden material, clay bricks, planters, flowerpots, pallets and wooden stumps, repurposed and made them valuable and useful again. More than hundred plants such as trees, perennials, twiners, shrubs and herbs have found here their new habitat.
The collaborative project was designed and build by own resources. A part of the financing (mostly for the plants) was supported from the Municipal Department 42 -Parks and Gardens with the supervision of Gebietsbetreuung Stadterneuerung GB*7/8/16.
Location: gallery and Off-Space AU, Brunnengasse 76, 1160 Vienna
Category: urban gardening, Upcycling
Size: 82 m2
Date of Completion: July 2013
Client: cultural associations LINE IN & .ditiramb
Images: Dino R., Jelena S., Jure K., Galya AT.