PLANTS are essential resource for human well-being. Since thousands of years they have served humanity, supplying us with food, fibres, medical substances, building materials, and most important – oxygen. Like never before environmentalists, engineers, politicians, designers and architects are seeking for green infrastructures with innovative technical solutions as a key strategy to provide clean air and water, improving the human health and mental well-being, solving environmental and social problems in the modern, industrial city. *
* Green Roofs for Healthy Cities Canada & Botanic Gardens Conservation International


cherish Nature
be creative and professional
passionate and have fun
be sustainable
be resourceful and solution-oriented
make places beautiful and more liveable


No matter if it is a small balcony or sizeable garden, vertical greening or a rooftop garden – we achieve the best of it. We emphasize any kind of green living spaces because they have beneficial effect on our well-being and provides a serene touch to any space. By interconnecting man-made structures with the natural landscape and planting, we want not only to enhance living spaces but to increase their dwellers awareness for the environmental benefits of it.

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